Many school districts have only a few gluten intolerant students to feed. The Mr. SIPS Gluten Free Lunch Box allows each student to enjoy a different delicious entree each day of the week without burdening the school with excessive inventory.

The cost for each entree is considerably less than the alternative of preparing these meals each day from scratch.

Mr. SIPS is quickly becoming famous for providing great tasting food products to schools. If it says Mr. SIPS on the box, it must be good!   With Mr. SIPS Gluten Free products, you can trust students are eating delicious and nutritious meals that are cost effective and easy to prepare. Mr. SIPS truly is a School Foodservice Superstar!

Mr. SIPS products enjoy national distribution because every item is stocked by DOT Foods (a national re-distributor). This means that no matter which company delivers your school’s groceries, they can buy Mr. SIPS products easily and at competitive prices.